Other Projects

BIID's agricultural service for rural farmers, e-Krishok, is a campaign which is aimed at farmers with the desired goal of providing services from which farmers will benefit both in terms of their farming activities and opening up opportunities in new avenues which will ultimately translate into increased income for farmers. Farmers with any problem or query or issue which is related to agriculture can go to their local GP Community Information Center and receive the information that they are seeking. The information will be provided to them in a timely and quick manner, so that the farmers can get on with their activities. With such timely and appropriate information, farmers will be able to maximize their economic gain; enabling them to achieve income growth through agricultural activities.

BIID launched an integrated initiative in Bangladesh to facilitate the rapid growth of the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) with the help of ICT in addressing their problem and providing suitable solution to them. Developing the ICT-based platform to offer information and services for the rural enterprises will be an effective strategy to enhance the competitiveness of the rural MSMEs who have, among others, need for information on new markets, better business practices, and business promotion ideas where technology can become the catalyst to help the enterprises access the same. Empowering through new market linkages and building capacity of the MSMEs will ultimately contribute to the growth and competitiveness in this sector. MSME portal will also be focusing on the access to finance issue as well as training facilities for the MSMEs'.